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Government Of Assam Printing Directorate of Printing

How to Get Printing works By Other Dept?


  • To maintain quality of printing as well as to ensure rationality and uniformities of the rates of various printing works being taken up by various Government Departments and Heads of Departments including Corporations, Boards, Authorities etc., all concerned should approach Director, Printing & Stationery with necessary particulars such as specimen copies, number of copies to be printed, time frame, place of delivery etc.. In case of urgent and immediate nature of printing works and if Assam Govt. press is preoccupied with other urgent works, the concerned Department can get the work done by inviting tenders from eligible registered presses, subject to issuance of NOC from Printing & Stationery Department.
  • For further details our Office Memorandums- PSF. 13/90/15 dtd. 25-06-1993, No. PSF 13/90/pt/14 dated 15-11-2002, No. PSF 13/90/pt/21 dated 03-01-2004, No. PSF 13/90/pt/24 dated 07-04-2004, No. PSF. 13/90/pt/26 dated 18-09-2004, No. PSF 13/90/pt/33 dated 27-08-2007, No. PSF.13/90/pt/49 dated 28-02-2008 and Finance Department’s letter No. BB. 159/2004/5 dated 31-12-2004 may be referred to.