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Government Of Assam Printing & Stationery Directorate of Printing & Stationery

What We Do

  • The Printing and Stationery is a service department in the sense that it has to cater to the needs of Printing and Stationery requirement of all the Govt. Department of Assam.

    Main Function of Assam Govt. Press

    • Assam Govt. Press is responsible to undertake all the Government Printing works including Official Gazette, Finance Accounts Audit Report of AG etc.
    • Printing of all types of Schedule and Non-Schedule Forms.
    • Printing of Various publication of Assam Govt.
    • Printing of all kinds of letter pads, Invitation Cards, Visiting Cards etc.
    • Printing of various pamplates, broachers etc. of different departments.
    • Printing of various rules, Annual Reports of Assam Government.
    • Printing of yearly Diary, Calender & Daily Engagement list of Assam Government.
    • Printing of Ballot Papers of Parlimentary & Assembly Elections,Municipal Elections, ADCKA, ADC Dima Hasao, BTC Elections etc.
    • Printing of Memorandum, Speeches etc.
    • Printing of Budget Documents.
    • Printing of Works relating to all councils, corporation and Authorities concerning Autonomous Bodies.